It’s been a while since pencil poised the Smiths indulged a verse,
But this year marks some milestones and some good news to disperse.
To heck with good intentions and Smithology’s demise,
We thought we’d give it one more crack — a seasonal surprise.

Read Smithology 2011


We’ve threatened, promised, cursed, cajoled, but this is it, the last,
No cries of foul”, no more false starts, this time we’re standing fast.
Suffice to say we’re still all good — but nothing much has changed,
The kids are great, and Mike and Lee aren’t noticeably deranged.

Read Smithology 2007


The time has come as promised, time and time and time again,
This year Smithology is tapering quietly to its end.
Mike hit sixty, good excuse to fall between the cracks,
Ben and Alex doing great, their lives on their own tracks.

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Each year we make a solemn pledge, tradition has to end,
Smithology will get the flick, no more the tomes we’ll send.
But sentiment still wins the day, just one more’s not too much,
That once-a-year brief expose that keeps old friends in touch.

Read Smithology 2005


Is this the rod that breaks one’s back, the never ending tale,
That pops its head up every year at Christmas without fail.
A simple poem in ’91, tradition seems was born,
I think I know how Tolkien felt — this could go on and on!

Read Smithology 2004


Late again (as usual), guess we should apologise,
But them’s the breaks, a busy year with just the odd surprise.
So saddle up and off we canter into months just gone,
With pencils poised and gritted teeth, the saga lingers on.

Read Smithology 2003


We kick ourselves when thinking back to 1991,
And starting this tradition which has since gone on and on.
You make your bed, you sleep in it, so here we go again,
With gritted teeth, great memories, and semi-literate pen.

Read Smithology 2002


Each year we say this is the last”, this effort can’t go on,
Don’t have the time, no news to tell, the Christmas spirit’s gone.
But then we think of you odd bunch, the friends we’ve made through time,
If this is how we keep in touch it’s worth another rhyme.

Read Smithology 2001


Apologies for last year’s miss, but we had an excuse,
Come Christmas/​New Year ’99 the Smiths were on the loose.
Packing, cleaning, settling up, no time left for this tome,
Come January the time had come, and we were heading home!

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How long can we sustain this thing, this never-ending tale,
That ranks with Hobbits, Lord of Rings, and Jonah and his Whale.
Swallow that (excuse the pun), and you’re there with the Smiths,
We’ll try to keep it factual, and expurgate the myths.

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We kick ourselves, the time’s come round, this monster we’ve created,
When wild exploits in fine detail and rhyme are clearly stated,
Whose mad idea was this?” we scream, try putting brains in gear,
The cards are late!” — the plaintive cry — a typical Smith year.

Read Smithology 1997


The hardest part is starting off, but here we go anew,
The Christmas tale of Tamworth Smiths, and months that really flew.
It’s been a year we can’t forget, a new life, a new state,
But looking back in retrospect, it’s all been worth the wait.

Read Smithology 1996


Twenty one more sleeps to go, that time has come again,
When Smiths discard their sundry chores and grab the trusty pen,
To etch indelibly in time events that marked our year,
Hmm, talk like that much longer and you’ll think we’ve all gone queer!

Read Smithology 1995


Just the usual excuse, the weeks they came and went,
Another Christmas started with good cheer and good intent.
Bought the cards, exhumed the list, and thought about a date,
The best laid plans of mice and men, and still we’re bloody late!

Read Smithology 1994


We can’t believe it’s here again, this month of festive cheer,
Guess it’s time the Smiths sat down to rhyme the passing year.
But where to start is always hard, with Alex, Ben or Lee,
The chooks, the dog, the cat, the fish, the whole menagerie!

Read Smithology 1993


Twas two weeks before Christmas and panic doth reign,
We’ve just realised that it’s that time again.
So much to do. Buy presents. A tree.
If you’re lucky you’ll get this by mid-93!

Read Smithology 1992