Twas two weeks before Christmas and panic doth reign,
We’ve just realised that it’s that time again.
So much to do. Buy presents. A tree.
If you’re lucky you’ll get this by mid-93!

Mike hasn’t changed, bites more than he can chew,
Work’s pretty hectic of late — but what’s new?
Taking a break from the radio show,
Time to reflect where do old cowboys go?”
Drives Ben to baseball, drives Lee up the wall,
Drives a nice company car — who said life’s not a ball.
Likes to listen to music, just a little deranged,
Then in comes our Alex, and all that has changed,
See she’s learning piano, started out as a lark,
Now it’s serious stuff, we mix country with Bach.
But he wouldn’t go back, wouldn’t change it for quids,
Life’s never dull with this great pair of kids.

Lee’s got a job — did we tell you last year?
Working in day care, just resumed her career.
When it comes to the babies she’s got quite a knack,
A bit different from ours, these ones you hand back.
Not much time for the garden, that’ll be there next year,
With the job and the house and the kids one thing’s clear,
You can do just so much, and some odd chores escape,
We just find her a phone booth and hand her a cape.

And of course, then there’s Alex — need we say more,
School council, piano, and to add to the score,
Came second in shot put, read the whole Sherlock Holmes,
Now got Lord of the Rings, and complete Lawson poems.
Got a great sense of humour, got the headmaster bluffed,
Got a voice that breaks windows, and the poor teacher’s stuffed.
And to think she’s eleven, my how times does fly,
Now she reads the Britannica and still asks you why?”
Has a great orthodontist, an angelic face,
If our old bones don’t weaken, can our brains stand the pace?

Thank goodness for Ben, brings us all down to earth,
Quite a sporting achiever, plays for all he’s worth.
Had a punch-up at soccer, sort of letting off steam,
Learnt a lesson in life — don’t deck your own team.
Going great gun in baseball, got a really great arm,
Given Mike a few bruises, no permanent harm.
Loves to play with his Sega, Sonic 2 is the rage,
If you don’t understand, it’s a sign of old age.
Reads his Mad Magazines, guess it’s all in the genes,
He’s a bundle of energy, chock full of beans.

As you sit and reflect how us old folks keep up,
That’s not all — got a blue dog that thinks it’s a pup.
Got a door-opening cat that thinks it rules the house,
Doesn’t like competition — ate Alex’s mouse!
The guinea pigs eat like the Last Supper’s here,
Take the food off your plate, thank god they don’t drink beer.
The chooks have stopped laying, the old tractor died,
Bought a washing machine with computer supplied.

Riveting stuff, guess that’s all to relate,
Hope you had a good year, coz the Smiths’ was just great!

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben