Just the usual excuse, the weeks they came and went,
Another Christmas started with good cheer and good intent.
Bought the cards, exhumed the list, and thought about a date,
The best laid plans of mice and men, and still we’re bloody late!

This year we’ll change the order and start it off with Ben,
Enjoying life before the crunch when boys turn into men.
The quiet achiever, doing well at school without much fuss,
Rides off in the early morn, the bike sure beats the bus,
Except the time a month ago he had a major stack”,
Stitches, scratches, helmet dent, no probs, the kid is back.
It’s all part of growing up you’ll hear the experts say,
Dad says well he’s just a boy”, and Mum, she just goes grey.
A good year on the baseball field, the Cosmics conquer all,
With mates, a bike and video games, his life is just a ball.

The tallest of the clan, bar one, that’s Alex, born to cruise,
One more size in runners and she’ll step into Dad’s shoes.
First year in the big world, high school really was a breeze,
Academic prizes seemed to fit in there with ease.
American Top 40 read her letter round the world,
Not a bad achievement for a thirteen-year-old girl.
Piano’s taken a back seat, now it’s pop charts to the fore,
Knows the words to every song, the stars and even more.
One ear on the hi-fi, reading novels like a sponge,
Likes the latest fashions (think the latest one is grunge!)

No problems how to fill the day, for Lee it goes unsaid,
For one who gets up at the crack, and still goes late to bed.
An early start at child care, heaps to do when she gets home,
That strange breed they call mothers”, I guess she’s not alone.
The vegie patch produces, and the orchard’s doing fine,
Another ton of bark would do, but where’ll she get the time?
When weaker souls would crumble in their fight to stay alive,
Lee simply smiles and does it all (and still looks twenty five!)

Mike has plans for 95 (as senility sets in),
Chucked the job at Sunstate, put the coaches in the bin.
Marketing is his stock in trade, and Milestone is the name,
Let’s hope the next twelve months will put him firmly in the game.
But feeding kids and paying bills will soon run up the tab,
So watch out all you faint at heart, he’s off to drive a cab!
Done some teaching at the TAFE — will wonders never cease,
And still a country DJ, got an audience to please.

You have a Merry Christmas and a really beaut new year,
We’ll catch you twelve months down the track — the Smiths will reappear!

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben