Twenty one more sleeps to go, that time has come again,
When Smiths discard their sundry chores and grab the trusty pen,
To etch indelibly in time events that marked our year,
Hmm, talk like that much longer and you’ll think we’ve all gone queer!

Lee takes pride of place this year, and she deserves the spot,
While Mike works down in Tamworth, she just cops the bloody lot.
Part time child care, drive the kids, the house and all the rest,
When it comes to multi-skilling she’s right up there with the best.
The storms knock down some branches, and she’s out there with the saw,
Fixes faulty plumbing like she’s done all this before,
Pays the bills, replaces tiles, the list goes on and on,
She’d have to join a union but they can’t work out with one!
Carried on regardless with a cracked cheek from a fall,
And still finds time for those two kids that she loves best of all.

(We should just pause mid-sentence and endeavour to explain —
Mike’s got a job in Tamworth — yes, we’re on the move again.
Commuting since July, but at Christmas we’ll set sail,
The dog, the cat, the kids, the lot, all bound for New South Wales.)

Alex just gets taller, months ago she passed Lee by,
And Mike has stopped his slouching just to look her in the eye.
She’s had a great year school-wise, English, French and Science awards,
And keyboard skills to top it off, just stops her getting bored.
Become a walking chronicle on music and the like,
Impossible to argue with when she gets on her bike.
Booked into a Girls School, sorry Ladies” is the term,
Calrossy has a treat in store when Alex gets her turn.
Made the grade in vigoro, and threw the discus miles,
The bands are off, and now she has a million dollar smile.

We’re really proud of our mate Ben, the man about the house,
While Mike’s off working down the track, and no help to his spouse,
Helps Mum with the touch jobs, and hangs in till the last,
Growing at a rate of knots, and catching Alex fast.
He’s still the quiet achiever, doing really well at school,
A whiz on the computer, you can bet this boy’s no fool.
High School coming up next year, he’ll take it in his stride,
Booked him in to Oxley, just a short (but uphill) ride.
Made the soccer team this year, and stacked his bike again,
It’s all just part of growing up, he does it well, our Ben.

Mike’s got a job in Country Music after all these years,
Of doing it for nothing, the blood and sweat and tears.
Only joking, it’s been fun, but never paid the rent,
To do it now and get a wage, this job is heaven sent!
So if you get to Tamworth feeling jaded and forlorn,
Just think of Mike on Hoedown, 2TM, midnight till dawn.

Not much space to finish off, so time to stop this lot,
There’s so much happened through the year, and lots that we’ve forgot,
To friends that we see often, and the ones that aren’t so near,
Have a bonzer Christmas, and a really beaut new year.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben