The hardest part is starting off, but here we go anew,
The Christmas tale of Tamworth Smiths, and months that really flew.
It’s been a year we can’t forget, a new life, a new state,
But looking back in retrospect, it’s all been worth the wait.

We might kick off with Ben this year, and he deserves the spot,
Seems to grow a foot a year, his clothes have lost the plot,
Nudging up to five foot ten, he’s catching Alex fast,
A voice that’s deeper every day, the bedtime kiss is past.
Mountain bikes are all the go, a pedal into fame,
Won a silver medal at the recent Tamworth Games.
It’s just a different culture, talks of strange things all the time,
Like wheelstands, gears and shifters, and tubes filled with green slime.
Doing well at high school, got some mates that fit the bill,
We’re really proud of how our mate Ben has climbed that first year hill.

We should let Alex write her own, she does it with aplomb,
Won the school five hundred bucks with her literary thumb.
She’s back to debating, they just don’t know what they’ve done,
A rampant Alex in full tongue would make a grown man run!
Scored a heap of prizes on the academic side,
It must be in the genes, we say, our chests swelled out with pride.
Al helps out on the business side, and pulls a tidy wage,
Works part-time in a record store, a capitalist at her age?
Loves her downtown shopping jaunts, drags Lee from store to store,
Has found a thing called EFTPOS — now she knows what plastic’s for!

Lee is quite ecstatic, scored a new job at the gym,
Not pumping iron — it’s pumping kids, so let the fun begin,
Looking after children while their folks go through the gruel,
(Shame about the sauna, spa and heated indoor pool!)
And in her spare time (what’s that word?), she helps with NfS,
Keeps the house, the kids and Mike, and does it to excess.
A partner in the business, and the shortest in the clan,
Puts up with Mike’s strange muso mates, just smiles and understands.
Lee loves it here in Tamworth, but still misses all her friends,
Guess Telstra is still happy, cos the phone bill never ends.

Oh dear, it’s Mike’s turn yet again, a bit hard to explain,
What strange things fill the days and nights for monetary gain.
A publicist (what does that mean?), he writes stuff for a quid,
A country music oracle, at least he makes a bid.
Now he and Lee own NfS, the Smiths are on the line,
Puts out a little CD begging for some airplay time.
Still does some stints on Hoedown, hears the sound of his own voice,
You can listen after midnight if you want — he has no choice.
Life is good and country, and it’s just one big parade,
To work on something that you love, and at the end get paid!

To you and yours and all that stuff, hope business brings the loot,
Healthy, happy, wealthy, wise, and a great new year to boot.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben