Apologies for last year’s miss, but we had an excuse,
Come Christmas/​New Year ’99 the Smiths were on the loose.
Packing, cleaning, settling up, no time left for this tome,
Come January the time had come, and we were heading home!

To clarify the use of terms, we should define the we”,
The packing, cleaning, settling up” of course refers to Lee.
Mike’s organising skills just don’t improve with passing years,
But Lee’s deft touch ensured it worked with minimum of tears.
The move was almost painless, and a big buzz to be back,
It’s something special, coming home, the acres and the shack.
Lee’s year has been rebuilding, it’s been tough but it’s been fun,
Still more gardens in the planning, and a driveway still to come.
Now back at home in Morayfield Lee still has final say,
A semi load of bark arrived to brighten up Mike’s day.

Ben is doing well at school, has just one more year to go,
It looks like graphic arts will be the ultimate work flow.
Computer skills that far surpass the old bloke by a mile,
Looks after our new website, takes his money with a smile.
His music tastes are still the same, and country doesn’t score,
That god his room is soundproof with a solid concrete floor.
Still rides a freestyle BMX, a Standard Lengthy frame,
At six foot three it’s quite a sight, cos Ben’s built just the same.
Most of the time you wouldn’t know he’s here from day to day,
Until the fridge door opens — it’s a dead set giveaway..

Alex moved to Brisbane, started Uni, doing fine,
Did we mention topped the North West WSC of ’99?
We know some call it bragging, but we think we’ve got due cause,
She did the work, we’ll take the pats (hereditary of course).
She studies anthropology, ancient cultures, all that stuff,
Would have thought that having ageing parents was enough.
Engaged to Tim, life is good, got their first car last week,
Studies, cooks and gardens, house is looking just a treat.
The genes kicked in, and she and Lee just sound so much alike,
Think of the disaster if she’s taken after Mike!

Speaking of disorganised, the theme song of the year,
It’s time for Mike, and nothing’s changed, in it up to his ears.
Wading through crocodiles and such without a loaded gun,
Finishes one NFS and says now that was fun”.
Forgets that Lee has folded, packed and labelled by the scores,
Thinks that it just happens (a bit like Santa Claus).
Apart from NfS there’s GST, and BAS,
If you ask if he’s confused the honest answer must be yes!
But next year will be different (like we’ve heard oft times before),
And miracles do happen (was that a pig flew past the door?)

As Denver sang it’s good to be back home again” — it’s true,
Hope Christmas and New Year are just as good for you.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben