We kick ourselves when thinking back to 1991,
And starting this tradition which has since gone on and on.
You make your bed, you sleep in it, so here we go again,
With gritted teeth, great memories, and semi-literate pen.

There’s no dispute that Alex heads the list in this foreword,
Her Arts degree in hand, for all those years a just reward.
A perfect score (all sevens), guess you can’t do more than that,
Strange to see her robed up with the tassel on the hat!
She’ll work next year, then honours, maybe then a Ph.D.
Lee and Mike just puff their chests and say hereditary!
And Tim is flying high, computer programmer of steel nerve,
They’ve got a brand new Mazda, life is good and well-deserved.

And there’s our Ben, all six foot three with his laconic charm,
Off to study next year, graphics course under his arm.
He’s fast become the website whiz, done quite a few this year,
With real renumeration, got a grin from ear to ear!
And also got his learners — bike now sits out in the shed,
Alex had the Beetle, but Ben has to share the Getz.
Tried the VeeDub, didn’t work, his legs just wouldn’t fit,
But now he’s running on our all fours (and loving it a bit).

Talk about the proud mum, Lee was that and more last week,
Some happy tears amidst the smiles, emotions daughters wreak.
We should explain the Getz — it’s Lee’s brand new pride and joy,
A three-door auto hatchback, might be small but it’s no toy.
Certainly deserves it, long year, tough times in between,
Had a run of breakdowns, fridge, TV, washing machine.
Amidst the chaos paints the house, and plants a heap more trees,
The ageless matriarch who steers this strange Smith dynasty.

And Mike, well he just doesn’t change, we guess it’s all too late,
It seems that country music is his chosen long-term fate.
NfS was hectic, add to that the magazine,
Did we mention Cap News — the latest project on the scene.
So now he’s call an editor, impressive sounding name,
But don’t be fooled like all the rest, his misspells just the same.
Advancing years and lack of sleep still try to take their toll,
But deadline junkie that he is, the issues still unfold.

And talking deadlines, we’d best run or miss the mail,
Happy Christmas and New Year, may all good things prevail.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben