Late again (as usual), guess we should apologise,
But them’s the breaks, a busy year with just the odd surprise.
So saddle up and off we canter into months just gone,
With pencils poised and gritted teeth, the saga lingers on.

Ben enjoyed his uni on the Sunshine Coast this year,
Computer science and graphics, techno stuff that oldies fear.
But it’s right up his alley, think he’s born to all that stuff,
Passed his first year, smiles all round — it wasn’t all that tough.
Driving’s not materialised, a lift put that on hold,
But lessons in the new year will soon bring him in the fold.
Bought a bass guitar (but very thoughtful with the noise),
And shows no signs of leaving home — ah boys will be boys!

Alex took a year off, reckoned she deserved a rest,
Tutored up at Ipswich, Honours next year is the test.
Inherited the Beetle (been around since she was born),
Seems like poetic justice — the tradition still lives on.
She certainly enjoys life, has a perfect match with Tim,
Study, house, the garden, cooking — now she’s joined a gym.
Has rates called Zeke and Thomas — different? That’s for sure (but cute)!
But that’s our Alex, never one to take the normal route.

Lee has had a good year, both in business and the yard.
Keeps Mike and Ben in focus when the going gets too hard.
Keeps the bark chip man in business, shipments by the ton,
One friend calls her Mulchie”, and the loads go on and on.
Next year’s first priority is maintenance and such,
Painting, all those small repairs that don’t seem like that much.
She loves her lists — tick that one off — but seems to work a dream,
And finally the Getz still purrs — Lee loves her blue machine.

Mike’s year has been interesting — packed to tell the score,
A CD every six weeks, and the mag is every four.
You’d think the two don’t coincide, the figures tell the tale,
But one of life’s realities is Murphy’s Law prevails.
So chaos tends to reign supreme — ah what’s new, you protest,
But still he soldiers on and on — wise old heads know best!
Or so they think, but comes the time when common sense prevails,
And Lee with simple logic gets him right back on the rails.

When all is said and done it’s been twelve months with lots of cheer,
Hope you all have a great Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben