The time has come as promised, time and time and time again,
This year Smithology is tapering quietly to its end.
Mike hit sixty, good excuse to fall between the cracks,
Ben and Alex doing great, their lives on their own tracks.
But just one more, a brief recap of twelve months from the crew,
A tale of quiet existence, little changed and not much new.

Well, quiet in some respects, but Lee still can’t spell the word,
It means refurbished (house not her), her schedule is absurd.
She paints, she tiles, hangs blinds and curtains, bathroom looks a treat,
Mike shakes his head, invents excuses, beats a quick retreat.
Reality TV — it should be banned — Lee says that looks nice,
If they can do it, so can we — at half the bloody price!”
The yard’s in holding pattern, Lee is waiting for the rain,
But things survive (like us old folks), the strong ones still sustain.
But one indulgence has emerged, we’re not just ageing fools,
A therapeutic wonder, we now have an inground pool.

Mike’s retreat is still the office — busy dear”, he fobs,
At least that’s his excuse when Lee starts eyeing off new jobs.
The business never ending (with his organisational skills),
Gets totally distracted, but sometimes pays the bills.
But country music’s still good fun, an industry unique,
It’s nice to have a job that just keeps changing week to week.
The trouble with this music is retirement is moot,
The whiz with his two fingers beats his keyboard without gripe,
A little late to cry in vain I wish I’d learned to type!”

Ben has graduated, with distinction we might add,
Has found his niche, a graphic artist born and bred this lad.
Well not quite lad, at twenty three and six foot three to boot,
But looking forward to working life (and no one wears a suit).
Mr. Independence now, in Brisbane, lives with friends,
Loves his music, loves his life and doesn’t follow trends.
How quick they grow, you blink an eye, and suddenly they’re gone,
But then there’s things in favour of this being home alone”.
The food bill’s halved, the water excess bill has dropped to nil, 
We get to watch our own TV — but yet we miss him still.

No standing still for Alex, this month saw her changing jobs,
Now working for the government, you grab when chances lob.
She and Tim still renovating, house is looking great,
A new fence (not cosmetic) to keep in their new mate,
Retired racing greyhound with the wondrous name of Jack,
Settled in and happy at his new suburban track.
Spoiled is mild description of the treatment served to him,
But tempered with the downside — big dog licks at 4am.
Three car family, one too many, here’s the one-off deal,
The Beetle’s up for grabs, and you can get it for a steal.

Can’t believe another year has come and gone so soon,
Lots of good times, sad ones too, we dance to many tunes.
The fast lane has a slow down sign, but life’s a big surprise,
Enjoy the season, live the life, have fun through next year’s eyes.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben