It’s been a while since pencil poised the Smiths indulged a verse,
But this year marks some milestones and some good news to disperse.
To heck with good intentions and Smithology’s demise,
We thought we’d give it one more crack — a seasonal surprise.

It really was the same old” for the past few years (and more),
Country music ruled the world, the never-ending score.
But fifteen years, no holidays, and deadlines running past,
Came to a stop in February — retirement at last!
Lee and Mike have pulled the pin and headed to the beach,
A sea change of the first degree might seem a mighty reach.
To North Stradbroke Island — Point Lookout is the place,
Best thing they ever did — a total change of pace.
From acreage, the big house, the orchards and the sheds,
The mowing and the maintenance, the mulch, the garden beds, 
To a two storey villa in a holiday resort,
With ocean views (and whales), a courtyard, pool and tennis court.
The life is quite idyllic — lots to do and little fuss,
If someone’s gotta do it, it might as well be us!

Alex and Tim made this year one to smile about,
Their contribution made the headlines, the big news without doubt.
A little anxious waiting, the day March seventeen,
And Gwendolyn Eva made her entrance on the scene.
Grandparents besotted, and Uncle Ben the same,
And as for the proud parents, life is now a different game.
Coping great, we reckon on a scale of one to ten,
They’re scoring round eleven — that’s one lucky little Gwen!
Still living in Brisbane, but bought a small house on the side,
At Bendemeer (near Tamworth where Tim’s parents reside).
A great retreat for them, and where retirees go,
So Lee can get her gardening fix, and Mike still gets to mow.
And Grandma’s found new focus with lots of time to spend,
The Villa’s now a sweatshop — sewing bits from end to end.

Ben’s world still revolves around the art of web design,
At twenty eight and unattached, his life is going fine.
Had a short stint overseas, now back in Aussie land,
Still based in Brisbane where his skills are in demand.
Subscribes to all things Apple (in computer speak we mean),
Laptop, iPod, iPad, iPhone and all else in between.
But that’s the new millennium — a different brand of kids,
It’s part of life opposed to oldies who can’t text for quids.

It’s been a very special year that we’ll find hard to beat,
Hope yours has been good as well, and the next one is a treat.
Have a great New Year, plus all that Xmas wishing,
Lee is back to sewing, and Mike’s just gone off fishing.

Mike, Lee, Alex & Ben